Get to Know How the Company Started

Ultimate Cabinet & Closet came into existence in 1998 under a different name; Anderson Trim Company. In 1998 David Anderson the owner began his journey as a finish carpenter subcontractor in Southern California after serving 4 years in the US Navy. His love of finish carpentry and independent spirit drove him to start his business. Just a year later, his father James came in to help. He and his father worked successfully side by side for about 12 years until James suffered a severe heart attack. Around the same time David also had knee surgery and at the same time the recession of 2008 was in full swing. These events were life changing and directional for both David and James. Because of these events Ultimate Cabinet & Closet was created in 2014.

Of all the parts of finish carpentry; the doors, railings, casing, baseboards, beams, columns and all the other aspects of woodworking, the best part was pulling the kitchen together and seeing the finish product. I never get tired of meeting that new client who is very excited for their new kitchen build, they are almost as excited as I am when I see a challenging puzzle to put together. I want them to get what they are looking to get. I become part of that excitement and that happiness that they are getting something completely new and unique and something so critically important for all people on earth. The kitchen is where the family gathers and it’s a beautiful thing.

I have always wanted the ultimate life experience for myself and the people around me, even for those not related to me or even friends. I want everyone to have what is good and right in their lives and have the ultimate experience life has to offer that they were meant to have. That’s why I have so much fun in my work. I want to pass it on to whomever I meet.

David Anderson